The solar industry is replete with bad actors who:

  1. Charge exorbitant prices (that, often times, exceed $4.25 per watt).
  2. Engage in predatory lending practices (that results in payments approaching $1,000 per month).
  3. Exploit the elderly and the retired (who buy solar systems when it no longer makes financial sense for them).

The Solar Watchdog, a non-profit founded to act as a consumer advocate and quality control coordinator for consumers, was formed by a group of solar executives and senior management who, collectively, have overseen over a quarter of a billion dollars in residential solar installs.


Solar Watchdog provides an effective voice for taxpayers and consumers in an era when private companies and individuals actively employ sales tactics that mislead the general public about the yield of photovoltaic (solar) systems. These predatory private companies and individuals target consumers, including the elderly, in their homes. With that in mind, Solar Watchdog is dedicated to fostering honest and responsive relationships between businesses and solar consumers by instilling consumer confidence, which will advance a trustworthy marketplace for all consumers. Solar Watchdog maintains an online presence and deploy a team of professionals, solar experts, strategists, and activists to expose, confront, and change solar consumer injustices, the effect of which will save each consumer thousands of dollars, while improving countless lives.

Solar Watchdog’s Contractual Requirements

Each and every person or business who agrees to operate on behalf of Solar Watchdog must sign contracts that include substantially this language:

Partners of Solar Watchdog agree that a Solar Watchdog agent shall have the sole and exclusive right to adjust the size of a solar system in accordance with the promises or guarantees made by a salesperson to customers. Accordingly, a Solar Watchdog agent will contact each customer as part of its quality control program, which will include, without limitation, a determination of the representations made to the customer for solar system performance; that is, partners of Solar Watchdog agree that a Solar Watchdog agent will conduct a quality control interview, in any form the Solar Watchdog agent exclusively deems appropriate, to verify the subject customer’s expectations about the performance of the solar system sold to the customer.

The parties hereby specifically acknowledge that all provisions of this agreement pertaining to ethics and consumer interactions derive from past observations of persons who and/or entities that allegedly have unethical business practices in the solar business that, arguably, violate consumer rights. It is the parties’ intent to avoid customer relations that fall short of the legal and ethical requirements imposed upon the parties. Accordingly, any partner of Solar Watchdog agrees to strict adherence to the consumer protection provisions of this agreement and/or the State of Texas.