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In the movie Bull Durham there is a scene between Kevin Costner’s character “Crash” and Tim Robbins’ character “Nuke” wherein Crash is chastising Nuke: Crash: “You’re wasting your whole life away!” Nuke: “I ain’t wasting nothing away! I got a Porsche already — a 911 with a quadraphonic Blaupunkt!” Crash: “Jeez, you don’t need a …

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Solar Finance Fees When Buying

A good thing to inquire about when buying solar is what type of financing fee you will be paying. Why is that important? Well, for a couple of reasons. One, without question, the seller of your system is simply passing that cost onto you. Two, often times, the seller has a reserve account into which …

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Solar Company Shortcuts – Oversizing the Inverter

A majority of solar companies like to “oversize” the inverter, or as it is better known in the industry, “clipping the inverter”. However, most companies do this to the detriment of the customer in order to give themselves a cost advantage. For example, a customer will buy a 7 KW solar system, but the inverter …

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